Thursday, November 23, 2006

Rate My Teacher

Have just come across this little gem called "Rate My Teachers". The site says that "in the public discourse on improving education, we believe the most important voices [students] are often ignored". They thus provide an outlet for studenst and parents to rate how good they actually think their teachers are.

Who needs Oftsed when you can have a vindictive child with a hate complex? If anyone reading this is a teacher do let me know if you've been rated.


Jeff said...

I am not a teacher but I do work in a school, there is much discussion on proposals by Lord Adonis to introduce pupil input on interviews for staff positions.

Would you want to have to explain yourself to a pupil when applying for a teaching post?.

Croydonian said...

If the children had to include their average marks from said teacher when rating him or her, the exercise would have a touch more validity.

Anonymous said...

I am a teacher and have been 'rated'. I went to the site after seeing a segment on a tabloid current affair show. I was just so shocked and appalled that I had been rated, as I believe I do a very good job and get along well with the majority of my students. I also work very hard to make sure I am meeting all my students needs-often spending hours at home preparing lesson plans and, what will hopefully be engaging activities. When I read the comment I felt that I was being targeted and was certainly demoralised and embarrassed that I had been rated. Teachers constantly get critiqued by parents, students, other teachers and of course governments. I certainly question the validity of the site and the proposed purpose of the site; it seems it will simply be a forum for disgruntled students to verbally bash teachers who happen to say or do something they do not like! Also, where is the accountability? Is it ok to allow students to simply log on to a site and say whatever they wish about their teachers? Imagine if teachers could do the same.

Anonymous said...

My teachers are the best around!!!!

hottiexhannah said...

my teachers are gay

Anonymous said...

My teacher criticises everything i do, she's my english teacher and she's straight out of victorian times, today we did a group talk on a story and we all had to tell it as a different person, she laughed and applauded everyone else but when it came to my turn she said i used words that shouldn't be in a 3 year olds vocabulary, she didn't even tell what age i was supposed to be!!!!!!!!!!!!

Anonymous said...

I'm also a teacher. To be honest, I get told worse to my face. They're kids, we're adults. We should be confident enough to deal with it and accept it for what is is. Id like to thank 'Hottiexhannah' for an excellent example :)

Anonymous said...

I am an English teacher with good and bad comments. However old you get, the spiteful comments still hurt. I work at least double the required hours and still some kids don't appreciate what we do for them. I know they are only kids, but some of them are so pathetic.

Anonymous said...

It's just another kind of cyberbullying

Anonymous said...

I am a teacher, and although I do agree that there are better ways to introduce validity and reliability, and that there should be some way to prevent cyberbullying that could potentially occur, I have little other problem with this site. Teachers should hold themselves up to a higher standard, be accountable, and engage kids in learning. The majority of teachers who do this well, likely have good ratings. If only one or two students have gone in to rate a teacher, then the rating should be taken with a grain of salt. But let's say 50 kids have gone in and rated a teacher very highly. Well, then, that teacher is likely a very inspiring teacher. So, you have to read it carefully and take some things with a grain of salt, keeping in mind that anyone can go in and say anything, but generally, the indicators are reasonably good. And why shouldn't we be accountable to the very young people we are working to serve?

Anonymous said...

I am a student and my two Travel and Tourism teachers constantly victimize me and my friends, this is unnacceptable behaviour from people who are meant to help us and be our peers.

People say the teacher makes the lesson? Well I beleive thse teachers break the lesson and our enthusiasm for it.

However I don't agree with the rating thing because it seems like cyber bullying. (Even if they are teachers!!)

Anonymous said...

all teachers are gay even u
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Anonymous said...

I would hate to see in writing what my children feel about me especially after I have taken their video games away... I have also seen the site and it should have better gradings. Easiness should not be a category. Because it imples if the teacher is easy they should get a great mark and hard they should get a poor mark. I also don't care if they are popular as long as my son learns something. How about?
Was what you were to learn clear?
DId the teacher give test reviews?
Did you get mark breakdown sheets frequently?
Were you able to ask your teacher about your mark?
Did you learn alot in the class.
Was the teacher on time?
DId the teacher dress professionally?
Was the teacher polite?
These are better evaluation than easiness, and ppopularity.