Wednesday, November 15, 2006

The new buzz word is "regurgitation" not "spin"

How odd. The Government appears to have finally admitted that an "independent" quango it set up is not independent at all and requires another quango to be set up to solve the problem.

In the Queens' Speech, and following on from a Gordon Brown announcement last year, the Government is planning on introducing legislation that will "reinforce the independence, integrity and quality of statistics produced in government."

Currently the Office for National Statistics publishes government statistics which is monitored by the Statistics Commission set up in 2000 by the Government to "help ensure that official statistics are trustworthy and responsive to public needs" and to "give independent, reliable and relevant advice".

However, the Government has admitted that it has failed and is now about to set up another "independent" quango to monitor Government statistics called the "Statistics Board".

Normally they just re-announce money, now they're acknowledging they're policy failure and then re-announcing the same policy with a different name. It's not so much spin, as regurgitation.

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Anonymous said...

My guess is that they'll reclassify the Statistics Commission from Advisory NDPB status on a statutory footing, perhaps along the same lines as the National Audit Office.