Tuesday, November 21, 2006

Is Lord Goldsmith paving the way for his rejection of the "Cash for Peerages" case file?

How interesting. The Attorney General Lord Goldsmith has today announced that there will be an inquiry into the appointment of Bertha McDougall as Northern Ireland's victims' commissioner by Peter Hain.

There are probably some who wouldn't find that interesting I grant you, but this is the second time in as many days that Goldsmith has been publicly seen to act against the Government. Yesterday it was 90 day detention, today it's the Secretary of State for Northern Ireland.

The cynic in me does wonder whether this is more about Lord Goldsmith building a quick legend for himself as a fair minded, impartial man in advance of the CPS receiving the files on "Cash for Peerages".

What's the betting he is involved in the decision and "sources close to" cites the events of the last two days as proof he's not a government lackey?


Anonymous said...

I'd only heard about his 90-day objections and thought the same. His Hain comments add further suspicion.

Martine Martin said...

You know, I had the very same thought. Cynical much, huh?!

Benedict White said...

I take your point Dizzy, but he would be screwed if he did. I suspect his department woul leak like a very leaky thing on e very leaky day for a start and then there is the promise to publish his independent advice should he decide against a prosecution.

I can't see that many willing to give the "right" advice if they are then to be ripped to scheds on that promise.