Tuesday, November 21, 2006

Government effectively admits drug policy has failed?

The Government has effectively admitted it's failed to tackle the supply of illegal drugs even though it says it has pumped over £7.5 billion into the project. In a press release today by the Home Office Minister Vernon Coaker, the Government stated that tackling the drug supply was a core aim whilst simultaneously praising the fact that there were double the number in treatement today as there were in 1998.

Surely, if there are double the number of people in drug treatement today than in 1998 the implication is that far from tackling the drug supply, the drug supply has simply strolled along. This is also evidenced in the street value price of drugs which have plummetted in recent years. Prices do not go down when supply is low.


Anonymous said...

They could get round it by saying their detection rate has increased!

Anonymous said...

"...the street value price of drugs which have plummetted in recent years..."

That being so, one imagines the Chancellor will incorporate the cost of herion into the next rebasing of CPI, and hail another year of low inflation.

Croydonian said...

And maybe hail urban cannabis factories as a triumph for British farming.