Thursday, November 30, 2006

DTI hides behind commercial sensitivity

I'm a little confused this morning at a response given to a written question yesterday in Parliament. Tory MP, Mark Francois, asked the DTI "what the total capital value is of each private finance initiative scheme overseen by his Department which has reached financial close; over what period repayments will take place; and what the total cost of repayment will be." A pretty reasonable question given we're talking about the spending public money.

The response from Jim Fitzpatrick was that the DTI has one PFI contract with Fujitsu and it's financial close was in 1999 but that he was "not able to provide financial information set against this contract as it is commercially sensitive".

How is telling Parliament how much Government is spending on a project which had financial close 7 years ago commercial sensitive? Surely the public has a right to know what amount of money they have committed to paying? After all, it's not the Goevrnment's money, it's ours.


Anonymous said...

Like you I thought that the money extorted out of us was still in principle ours. IT'S NOT. They can piss it up the wall, give it to their pension fund,use it for their own political advancement, buy a comfortable desk to shag their secretary on also paid by us , with no recriminations whatsoever. But if you write about it on the web they would like you to come under their juristiction and control. We have no control over our money once they have it, so to fight for the right to say what we want about the bastards is all that is left.

Guthrum said...

The next time my self assessment form comes in, I will just tell them the information is commercially sensitive