Tuesday, November 14, 2006

Did the Skills Minister break EU regulations?

Apparently. the Skills Minister Phil Hope has been in London's Church Street Market today in order to promote an adult numeracy campaign. As anyone will know, market trader can all add, subtract, multiply and divide perfectly in their heads and never use calculators ever.

Thus it makes sense for the Government to send some junior toady along to take part and show off how well he can add up on the fly too. Apparently Phil served Londoners with fruit and veg whilst trying out his "maths down the market" patter and "giving away skills for free." (that means he handed out leaflets whilst selling fruit and veg).

What I'm wondering is whether he corrected the little old ladies who wanted 'alf a pound of apples and told them they actually wanted 226 grams on apples? The public has a right to know if he broke EU regulations surely? I bet he wouldn't get find if he did.

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