Wednesday, October 11, 2006

Tory MP joins the blogosphere

It seems that Richard Spring, the MP for West Suffolk, has decided to enter the fray and set up a blog. Obviously, as has been discussed on VoxPolitix, an MP starting up a blog can be dangerous. The trick is whether you're able to keep it updated and keep it fresh without coming across as someone that is just peddling the party line rather than their own viewpoint. Posting opinions online is easy, posting opinions online when it can impact your political career takes courage.

I wish Richard Springs all the best, and shall be adding him to the links below just as soon as I submit this post. My one piece of advice to Richard is change the template asap, it lacks the uniqueness that is present on your official site.

1 comment:

Croydonian said...

I heard him speak at a YC conference years back. Using the parlance of the time, he's 'sound'.