Friday, October 13, 2006

MPs take on HP Sauce

An Early Day Motion has been put down yesterday by MP for Solihull, Lorely Burt calling on the House to condemn Heinz for it's continued use of a Houses of Parliament image on the bottles given it had closed up production in the UK and moved where business is cheaper. THE EDM read as follows:

That this House deplores the retention of the picture of the House of Commons on HP sauce labels following the decision by new owners Heinz Plc to remove production from the historic Aston site to Holland, making the 125 employees redundant; believes that Heinz should not exploit this symbol of Britishness to sell a product no longer made in the United Kingdom; and calls upon the Administration Committee to remove HP sauce from all House dining areas until the jobs are reinstated or the House of Commons picture is removed from the label.

Of course this has nothing to do with the Aston site being in her constitutency, it's a matter of principle in upholding Britishness. I wonder if she'll apply the same principle in reverse and put down an EDM demanding cars assembled at Longbridge be called Chinese because that is where the parts are actually made?


Croydonian said...

And this from a woman who has a degree in economics and the whip of a party 'in favour of full UK participation in the European Union and an early referendum on joining the Euro'.

*Nothing* to do with her cigarette paper thin majority, natch.

The Daily Pundit said...

This is so phoney it's untrue. Is there nothing Lib Dems won't do for publicity? And anyway, brown sauce is crap. It gives me heartburn.

Croydonian said...

Betcha didn't know (betcha don't care ..), but HP sauce / Worcester sauce etc were first creaed as an attempt to recreate the tastes of east of Suez for nostalgic colonial hands.

I'm not making this up.