Friday, October 27, 2006

Extra anus kills four-legged chicken

Utterly bizarre I know, but apparently he developed two bottoms and it got "glugged up". I kid you not.

The chicken's corpse is apparently going to the Auckland museum.


Anonymous said...

Haahaa - he just couldn't give a shit, could he? (sorry - appalling joke!)

Anonymous said...

This sounds more like the bird, being a conjoined twin, simply had a badly-messed up intestine. There probably wasn't a straight route through, so even if it did eat it would end up with an impacted gut, which would eventually kill it.

The actual cause of death is likely to have been dehydration from not drinking, though.

dizzy said...

there ya go ruining the fun with science!

The Hitch said...

Dr dan that happened to Elvis.
apparently he was stuffed from arsehole to gullet with peanut butter based sludge.

As to dying from not drinking enough , never going to happen to me.