Thursday, October 19, 2006

Ed Balls is talking balls

Yesterday, as he ran around newsroom looking like an excited little school boy, Ed Balls kept on saying the following about the proposals that the Conservative Tax Commission had made: "These are not tax cuts for families, these are tax cuts for the few... this is really the same old Conservative Party."

However, under the proposals (not policies), the classic 2.4 child family, with only one earner on £15k will be paying half the amount of tax they pay today. How exactly is that not helping them?


Anonymous said...

When will Ed Balls take elocution lessons ? He is very hard to follow. I fear his socialisation at the independent school attended by Ken Clarke and Geoff Hoon left him severely impaired in communcation skills

Anonymous said...

That would be because in the socialist world unless you give almost all to the state to then have to fill out 40x30pg forms in triplicate to get 20% back you are not being assisted.

You are helping yourself, and no good socialist should be allowed to do that.