Saturday, October 28, 2006

Blogger apologises for outages

The full horror story of what has been going on over the past weeks or so is available on Blogger Buzz which is an official Blogger blog. Also, for those looking for info when they do have problem, check out the Blogger status pages. The long and short of the tale appears to be to migrate to Beta Blogger, although I fear if everyone were to do that at once it might have problems too.

Still... I have been testing Beta Blogger out for a while now and I think it's functionally better than Blogger and is operationally far more stable. The risk is mitigated by Blogger being awful anyway, there is no going back now.


Anonymous said...

I've joined Beta blogger already and it is very good. For a start, pictures always work, whereas they only did about 50% of the time under the old version.

The only problem is that I want to add a tag cloud to my sidebar, but have found out that you can't do this unless you upgrade to one of blogger's new easily customised templates. This is all well and good, in doing this, most of the customisations you have already made to your site - abolishing the crap profile feature, adding pictoral links to the sidebar and so on, disappear.

It's infuriating - I don't have the time to waste replacing all the stuff subsequently. Any suggestions about how I could get a tag cloud on without doing all this are welcome.

dizzy said...

I'll have a look at the code at some point over the next week. It;s probably very easy to extract.

Benedict White said...

Can you upgrade one blog to beta and leave others where thay are?

How much better do you think beta is?

dizzy said...

best I can suggest is to try and see. As to my opinion, Beta - at the moment - is massively faster for the posting side etc.

Anonymous said...

That would be awesome if you could... I'm at if you have any success. Thanks very much - my lack of tech-prowess hampers me immensely in this business.