Saturday, September 16, 2006

"Tony Blair in Drag" playing cards

You can always trust a random politician search on Ebay to throw up something either interesting or worryingly disturbing. This morning it's the latter rather than the former as I discovered this little auction for "Tony Blair in Drag" playing cards.

An entire 52 card deck (plus Jokers) of photoshop madness that are - to be pefectly honest - a little creepy to look at. Don't panic, there's more than one auction available! Perhaps some can buy a load of them and flog them at the Labour Conference?


The Daily Pundit said...

Congratulations on 5th spot in Iain's guide. Richly deserved. More of the geeky detective work please. Johnson4leader was something else.

partykillgirl said...

What a great idea for playing cards!