Friday, September 29, 2006

Muggers to be given on-spot fines?

Having been away from the Internet in a real sense for a week I feel a little behind with the news. After all, the radio follows the papers, and the papers print what was online the day before usually, so for me it's still sort of Thursday really.

In one of my reading over people's shoulders mode earlier though I did spy something about the new summary justice powers that the Govrrnment wants to bring in which I mentioned here. I'll be honest I'm not sure I read it right though.

I'm sure someone can correct me but what I thought I saw it say was that muggers were going to be fined £100 instead of being arrested. It's difficult to forget such a pathetic and silly idea you see, but I'm sure it can;t have been true. All I could think of after that was a mugger paying his fine off with stolen money.

Someone tell me I read it wrong. Please?

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Praguetory said...

The worst thing is the fact that assaulting a policeman only attracts a £100 fine. The mugging line is a disgrace, this is worse.