Monday, September 25, 2006

James Naughtie shows his colours once again?

Not for the first time James Naughtie has made a slip of the tongue showing his party political affiliation whilst presenting the Today programme. In the past he's said "when we win" whilst interviewing a Labour politician about the General Election, and this morning, whilst interviewing Gordon Brown he raised the question of the Iraq war and said "there are people in this party" who are against it.

Surely, if he were being "impartial" he should have said "there are people in the Labour Party"? By saying "this" he effectively included himself in it. Obviously this isn't to be surprised, everybody knows Naughtie is a Labour Party stooge, but you'd think after being caught out before he'd at least try a little harder not to do it again.


Vote Franco (fdm) said...

Be fair Dizzy, he probably does try hard, this is only his second slip.

dizzy said...

third.. he had another one a few weeks ago. Can't remember exact wording.

Croydonian said...

How many other 'impartial' BBC journalists / reporters have ever done anything remotely similar while on live TV / radio?