Thursday, September 28, 2006

"Institutional disrespect" in prisons?

Apparently this morning there has been a report out into Pentonville prison. They have a rat problem, and no that was not some veiled innsult at the convicts. However, talkking about insults the report also says that prisoners are often insulted and treated as a ower order by prison guards as part of "institutionalised disrepspect".

I can't deny I had a little double-take when I heard that. I may be hopelessly wrong on this, but is not the fundamental nature of the prison officer and prisoner a heirarchical one? Isn't it right that prison guards are above prisoners else we have a situation where, for want a better phrase, the "lunatics are running the asylum"? As to the question of insults, I imagine it's a two way street somehow.

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