Sunday, September 03, 2006

I played my part

On Friday, Guido brought attention to the fact that David Milliband had set up a wiki on DEFRA in order to formulate policy with us ordinary folk. As soon as I had the link I couldn't resist.

Since then, DEFRA have pulled thre site, and Milliband has called Guido and those of us that played with the wiki "juvenile". However it get's funnier as now the entrie world seems to be laughing at Milliband.


Anonymous said...

Did you post any comments on the Miliband wiki? I wrote up on this yesterday, btw, I don't think the Government will try this again. A good idea in theory, but in practise a situation that is impossible to control.

Croydonian said...

It is screamingly funny, and all of the 'civilians' I've passed it onto agree.