Friday, September 15, 2006

English Russia

I've just been directed to a blog called English Russia, the "About" page says:

English Russia is a daily entertaiment blog devoted to the events happening in Russian speaking countries, such as Russia (Russian Federation), Ukraine, Belarus, Moldova, Kazakhstan, etc. Everyday something interesting happens in the countries occupying 1/6 of the populated world. We are here to inform you about it.

Have to say it's actually very good hence I'm plugging it. I've always loved Russia ever since I visited the country just after the bloodless coup. An amusing blog to be sure.

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Anonymous said...

From Russia, with love, you could say.
I'm interested in those countries too, I have visited Russia, I taught myself the Cyrillic alphabet and hot footed it on their splendid metro, even catching local buses, but came home with amoebic dysentry due to their brown tap water. You see, I am quite intrepid, that Channel 4 programme should have snapped me up!

Lots more I could say about Russia, thanks for the link, I shall plug in too.