Friday, September 22, 2006

Dizzy fisks Izzy

Apparently there has been some backlash to the Today programme's bizarre decision to give Abu Izzadeen - the fruitcake that heckled John Reid - the oxygen of publicity. I grabbed the transcript from The Times website and just couldn't help myself! My comments are the ones in red (as if you won't know!)

John Humphrys:
You said to Mr Reid how dare you come to this area. I suppose I should suggest to you how dare you suggest he shouldn’t. No John, you should suggest to him that he's a loony.

Abu Izzadeen: My address to Mr Reid was primarily to deal with his behaviour in the past year and his previous position as Defence minister [sic].

He has been killing Muslims abroad, in Iraq and Afghanistan, I didn't realise he had it in him! and as Home Secretary he has been presiding over the arrest of many Muslims so Muslim's should be expempt from arrest? and in that light how dare he come to address the Muslims.

His view is nothing more than to ask the Muslim community to turn in on itself and spy and do the police’s job unless of course their job requires them to nick a muslim.

It was outrageous to see someone like John Reid it was a doppleganger? who has been presiding over so many attacks on the Muslim community come and address us as if he is our friend. Agreed, it's outrageous that someone should impersonate a secretary of state and get away with it! He is the enemy towards Islam and Muslims. So let me get this straight, rather than "an" enemy he's "the" enemy towards Islam? Has anyone told Osama this?

JH: How come Mr Reid was given a pretty sympathetic reception at this event? Because with the excpetion of loony tunes everyone else was chosen by his aides?

AI: The British Government always have a policy of divide and rule do they? say's who? you? a random nobody who converted to Islam and got himself on the telly? …But for the general masses, those that have been arrested, those that have been targeted by the police, it’s not going to wash. Frederick Engels eat your heart out!

JH: How can you presume to speak for the general masses of Muslims – you’re not elected to any post. Neither are you John, but let's be honest you make the presumption at least once a week.

AI: We are not talking about elections. He was . I’m a Muslim and your point is?; I work with the community so do hookers , I live in the community so do drug dealers, John Reid doesn’t doesn't what? Live with hookers and drug dealers? And I’m telling you we have had enough. my desire for life is ebbing away too.

We’ve had enough of the police raids as have all the drug dealers no doubt! (although I bet if they read this they'd agree with me) , enough of the shooting in Forest Gates you're just being melodramatic now , enough of the arrests inside Walthamstow, inside restaurants what even if they're guilty?, under the guise of your war against terror which everybody knows, Muslims and non-Muslims, is a war against Islam yeah man, we just want to arrest Muslims, that's like why so many are still freely walking the streets. If only the government would spend more money on the police then we could arrest all of you! Internment is the future!

And I’m telling you something - if they don’t stop this there’s going to be a very strong reaction from the community so we have to do what you say or else?, maybe not from me on an individual level you not got the bottle then?, but people have had enough.

JH: What do you mean by that, a very strong reaction? John, trying to play the faux naive Louis Theroux doesn't work for you. Just say what everyone else is thinking. "Are you threatening us?"

AI: Well I think the British Government, they should really open their eyes and smell the coffee aren't stimulants banned under Islam? Oh yes and you've mixed your metaphors but that's just me being pedantic. You can only push people to a certain level until they explode surely it's they who push the button when they explode? We are not talking about a self-suicide as opposed to auto-suicide? operation, but there is a tension within the community because they are being targeted…

If you’re going to talk terrorism you have to look at Tony Blair because at the moment, the biggest terrorist is George Bush and his side-kick. How does looking at Tony Blair help us see George Bush?

JH: Well let’s talk about 9/11 and the terrorist attacks that have happened since then including the one in this country which killed a large number of British people, including some Muslims. Nice John, you've just let him lead you onto the territory he wants to rant about. Who's actually doing this interview?

AI: How many people died in 9/11 – 3000…let’s give a nice round figure of 5000 people…Since 9/11 the British Crusader wasn't that a bike by Raleigh? forces and the American Crusader that sounds like a Christian rock band forces…they have killed in the bombing campaign alone some said 70,000 inside Iraq, some said 100,000... nice, "some said", who's "some" then? Your mum?

You can see the Muslim community worldwide are suffering from many 9/11s and many 7/7s throughout the Muslim world. They are? I've not seen passenger airlines flown in to skyscrapers on an ordinary Tuesday morning.

That’s why the real terrorist is Tony Blair. He is a murderer with blood on his hands of Muslims in Afghanistan, Muslims in Iraq… cuckoo cuckoo cuckoo

JH: …Are you telling me that 9/11 and the subsequent attacks, including the attack on this country, are justified? Of course he is John, your listeners are not stupid.

AI: I’m talking about the reality of Muslims being attacked after 9/11 "reality" is such a losse term, but that's not what you were asked. The numbers of casualties are much greater on the Muslim side. Back to your mum again I see.

JH: I’m asking you whether they were justified?

AI: Why don’t you ask the terrorists they're dead. Those who took out the operations but they're dead, we should ask them why did you do so look, I don't mean to be rude but unless you're about to tell us you're Doris Stokes (and you are wearing a dress so you might be for all I know) we can't really ask them because... well.. like I said twice already.... they're dead …there was video released by Mohammed Siddique Khan children read this site I couldn't possibly go there [leader of the July 7 bombers] after 7/7 oh that video where he explains clearly why he did those. It’s not for me to justify or to condemn… I hope all the murderers out there are listening. All you have to do is make a video explaining why they "needed killing" and it will be fine.

…Mr Reid is a tyrant actually he's Home Secretary, you're bestowing on him power he simply does not have…when Tony Blair says this evil ideology he is talking about Islam actually he's talking about Islamism which is different, the former is followed by people of faith, the latter is followed by loonies like you. There are tyrants, enemies to Islam, enemies to Muslims. There can be no debate and discussion we've noticed that, hope you don't mind if we play by the same rules, oh but wait you do apparently, as they say, "shit happens", when they kill Muslims, when they murder Muslims. They needs to stop that immediately then we can open debates." Right, so we do what you tell us and you won't try and hurt us?

JH: Are you honestly telling me that your view on this is the only view in Islam because I have talked to a large number of very serious Islamic figures...who tell me that is not that case….?" To be fair John most of the ones you speak to are Islamist sympathisers. Admittedly they don't advocate blowing us up, but they do tacitly support the notion of an Islamic state.

AI: You may bring someone to you who says the British Government is the best in the world…I couldn’t care less you've probably noticed, but the feeling about you is mutual. The reality is Tony Blair is an enemy to Muslims, an enemy to Allah, and those who believe otherwise…they should really wake up and smell the coffee again with the stimulant references, just say what you mean, you want to kill us, be honest with yourself man …the reality is so clear, even the blind man can see when they kill Muslims they go under the guise of the crusade. Long Live King Richard! Wait, no, what year is this again?

When the British forces go into Afghanistan, Iraq, they go as Crusader forces... has anyone ever told you that you're a bit chicken oriental?

JH: If this country is so offensive to you…you don’t have to stay here you can go somewhere where there is Islamic law…" John, it would excite your listeners more if you were to say "why don't you just fuck off". It would probably get a round of applause too.

AI: You have misunderstood the reality. As a Muslim I believe Allah…created whole universe; he created the UK no he didn't the Act of Union 1800 did. It doesn’t belong to you yes it does, it doesn’t belong to the Queen it depends on how we define "own" really, it doesn’t belong to the Anglo-Saxons… Allah has put us on the planet earth to live wherever we want and implement the Sharia rules no he didn't.

JH: You want Sharia law in this country? ….If you want to change the way this country functions, why can you not do it in a democratic way…?

Democracy means sovereignty for man; and as a Muslim, we believe sovereignty for the Sharia Sharia is not though Allah, you just crucified (sorry) your own argument, who wrote Sharia? Man. You're talking bollocks, therefore I would never take part in democratic principles why because you'd rather take part in a different man made sovereignty? Rather I will work to change society in accordance with Islamic methodology.

JH: You will not observe the democratic process?

AI: We observe Islamic rules wherever we are.

JH: The Islamic process but not the democratic process?

AI: That’s right, yes. Translation: I'm a death worshipping fascist


Croydonian said...

Now /that's/ entertainment.

Anonymous said...

like to see him do the same rant in a country that has got sharia law ! and see how long it would be before he was bounced into chokey or worse.

Tapestry said...

Islamic methodology?

We know about the belief in killing innocent people. What other aspects are there to this interesting phrase?

It seems to be accusing anyone and everyone of anything and everything. Threatening anyone and everyone with whatever evil comes to mind, and demanding total surrender of all power.

The Queen is to be sent to work in Woolworths. The Anglo Saxons are to be subjugated, and ruled by sufferers from Tourette's Syndrome in fancy dress.

And we thought Monty Python was comedy.

It's good to get these nutters on display. Well done John Humphreys - and a good Fisk Dizzy.

Anonymous said...

We are so lucky to have free speech in this country - as well as blogsphere. What a great read.

Neil Reddin said...

Good work Dizzy.

Quite brightened up a dreary Friday morning listening to that. Frankly the more publicity we give these nutters the bigger the fools they make of themselves. Carry on.

Anonymous said...

Absolutely brilliant - I laughed till I cried.

On a more serious note, my relations in the States are utterly bewildered that this sort of carry on happens here. We really are the laughing stock of the world. Londonistan indeed!

Man in a Shed said...

Izzy's just missing the love of a few pious women - if this link is correct. (Hat Tip to Drinking from Home )

Isn't bigamy illegal in Britain ?

Benedict White said...

Good dead dizzy. Made me laugh. For reference he is no Muslim, just a bearded nasty loon.

Anonymous said...

I don't understand this Government and the coppers...if Griffin and the other bugger can be charged and put in trial in Crown Court for talking to a closed meeting of supporters behind closed and locked doors...why oh why is this fucker still walking the streets of this great country?

Send the fucker to jail indefinitely as a terrorist sympathiser, or deport him...his YouTube video should be more than enough to convict...or would Cherie Bliar make too much defending his human rights?

PS: Great article ô¿ô