Sunday, September 17, 2006

A conversation with David Taylor

Following on from the post below I have just come off the phone with David Taylor. I introduced myself as I always do and then asked him straight if he was working for Darren Murphy.

His initial reaction was to say "who told you?". I repeated the question and he said "I'm not saying anything". When I asked him if that was a denial he said "I'm not saying anything". I again asked if he was denying it, he again said "I'm not saying anything".

Make your own mind up. It could all be bollocks, or it could be that Paul Linford is right.

Update: A comment has appeared below purporting to be from David Taylor. David, if, as you say, this is all nonsense, why did you not say that to me? You didn't ask me where I "got this rubish[sic] from" either. You said "who told you?" like someone in shock, and then kept repeating "I'm not saying anything". If you're denying it then fine, but why not just deny it in the first instance on the phone? Especially when I asked you twice if you were denying it. I gave you a closed question for a reason, all you had to do was say "Yes".

Incidentally, you say you question the sanity of your "accusers", but I should stress that I've not actually accused you or anyone of anything. I've simply presented an allegation I heard whose veracity I acknowledged was in question. The above post is little more than a log of the process I've gone through in trying to find out the allegation's validity.


Croydonian said...

Oh dear. Not the best prepared of people, is he?

Glass House said...

As someone who's quite keen on Johnson, I worry that Taylor was so unprepared.

Praguetory said...

This is the sort of stuff they've been used to getting away with.

Anonymous said...

Couln't Iain ask Darren if they are pally?

Anonymous said...

I want to make it clear once and for all that I am not working for Alan Johnson or working for anybody else working for Alan Johnson. I made my own decision to buy these domains and plainly that was the wrong decision, but the ridiculous conspiracy theories that have surrounded that mistake cause me to doubt the sanity of my accusers. As for "Dizzy" (what is your real name anyway?), I questioned where he got this rubish from, nothing more. Whoever it is is either a liar or a
fantasist. For the sake of honesty and sanity I think we should be told who is peddling this tosh.

Anonymous said...

I would hate to think Dizzy was deliberately misquoting me, so I hope he just misheard me.

I recall that my response to his initial question was: "who told you that?" (i.e. "who told you that rubbish?")

When he then asked me to confirm if it was true, I said no.

I then told him I wasn't going to engage in any further discussion with him.

Anyway, apologies if I wasn't clear enough, but I'm not used to receiving anonymous calls like this on a Sunday evening.

I am denying the allegation. I acted entirely alone in purchasing those domain names. I have nothing further to say on the matter.

Anonymous said...

Hmm, a denial of Benedictian proportions:

"When he then asked me to confirm if it was true, I said no. I then told him I wasn't going to engage in any further discussion with him".

This 'no' sounds like a 'no' to answering the question rather than a denial of its veracity.

"I acted entirely alone in purchasing those domain names".

Doubtless. I generally do my e-shopping without someone else helping out with the keystrokes.