Sunday, August 06, 2006

What if we sent weapons to Lebanon?

Whilst doing a little browsing of Google News I spotted a story about four arrest made at Prestwick Airport. Basically, three women and one man broke into the airport to protets about the possibility of US planes being refuelled on their way to Tel Aviv. They quaintly called themselves "citizen weapons inspectors".

The thing I've been wondering though is whether they'd have broken in to the airport and protested if we'd been sending weapons to Lebanon? Something tells me that if we were arming Lebanon against Israel then the moral outrage expressed by those on the Left and the chattering classes would disappear.

Incidentally, I just read over at Iain Dale that David Cameron has repeated Hague's comments about Israel acting "disproprtionately". I have but one question. Why is it that interviewers faced with the "disproportionate" line never ask "what would a proportionate response be?"


snowflake5 said...

I think it depends on whom you mean by "the left". The Labour govt has been quite firm about both sides being at fault, drawing some quite nasty sneers from the right about traditional Labour ties to Zionism and jokes about Lord Levy. Also remember that people who voted Labour in 2005 were not put off at all by Iraq; Lebanon is hardly going to phase them, esp as we have no troops there. The polls reflect this (our support hasn't budged over this crisis).

Meanwhile, it's the Lib Dems who've been making a fuss over Preston. I wouldn't be surprised that if it was Lib Dem activists who made the protest at Preston (or SNP).

And I see that David Cameron has finally broken purdah and come out and criticised the Israelis for disproportionate reaction - on the day that 15 Israeli soldiers were killed. Not very good at timing is your dear leader, is he? It might have been an uneven fight in the first week, but it's an even fight now. Perhaps he's motivated with wooing Lib Dems in case he needs their support in the next parliament. (Who knows, it might have been Cameroons who were protesting at Preston, hoping to impress the Lib Dems with their fervour ;-))

Croydonian said...

Preston and Prestwick are a mere 200 miles apart by road.