Monday, August 14, 2006

There is a wolf, and it's actually quite nasty

The other day, Guido posted and seemed to be suggesting that the events of last week at the airports were little more than a cry of "Wolf" by the UK and US governments. Obviously I don't beleive that and to be honest I'm not sure if Guido really does.However, the idea that it was all part of what some people call the "politics of fear" is certainly not a unique belief.

Mind you, just because a large number of people believe something to be true, it doesn't make it so. I did however learn something over the weekend that suggests that this was anything but a wide conspiracy to scare us all whilst simulatenously trashing the economy for fun too - cue Illuminati conspiracy theorists explaining how it's actually all the doing of the Jews.

Apparently those nice people at Aldermaston were assessing the risk and impact associated with liquid peroxide weaponary detonation on civil aircraft in the week preceding the brown stuff hitting the proverbial on Thursday. Thursday did not come as much of a surprise to the white coated scientists in Berkshire from what I've heard. Why would they be investigating such things if there was not a serious and genuine threat?

They could of course all be unwitting patsies in an elaborate plot to strike fear amongst the British public, but you'd have to be pretty silly to beleive that against the much simpler truth that there are some very crazy people out there who want to cause chaos and destruction on an unimaginable scale and will use whatever argument is most convenient at the time to justify themselves.

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