Wednesday, August 23, 2006

Celsius 7/7

In the past few years I've read so many bloody books and articles on the War of Terror©, Iraq, Afghanistan etc etc, that the information within them has all kind of merged into a mess.

However, I've just finished Michael Gove's Celsius 7/7 and it's been a book of succint and wonderful clarity on the problem facing the West today.

The central thesis of the book is simple. Islamism (not the same thing as Islam) is a dangerous political force with totalitarian aspirations and it has the West clearly in its sights.

The West, through policies of appeasement and weakness over the past 15 years have strengthened Islamism's belief that the West is weak and that is can subvert the freedoma nd liberty of the Enlightenment to its own end.

The argument is slick, consistent and provides an assessment of the threat that's often overlooked by the mainstream media. If there is one book you should read this year it's this one.

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