Monday, August 07, 2006

Beckett the Environmentalist?

This morning, many of the papers have carried a story about how Maragaret Beckett is hitting back at the critics who say she's not a very good Foreign Secretary. The critics are of course but that is not why I'm posting. What caught my eye today was the picture alongside the story in the Telegraph.

The picture showed the Foreign Secretary standing with her beloved caravan about to go off on her French touring holiday. I couldn't help but notice the car towing the caravan. A Range Rover.

Yes, the former Environment Secretary who famously banged on about carbon emmissions whilst hopping on a plane for short trips has chosen to use one of the biggest gas guzzling cars on the market to tow her tiny little caravan around France.

Given there's a speed limit you can go whilst towing a craavan who face it tipping over it's not likely she need to torque from the Range Rover. What's the betting that as a Cabinet minister she's exempted from the Congestion Charge too?


Anonymous said...

Have you tried to tow a caravan with anything under a 2 litre engine? In regards to pollution, at least she isn't she isn't using gas guzzling planes to go on holiday! Beckett puts money back into the British economy by holidaying here!

AllBloodyTaken said...

In answer to you 'anonymous' a caravan can be towed perfectly well with much smaller and less powerful cars than a Range Rover. Let us also not forget the bloody big motor home full of coppers which follow her caravan for her protection. The woman is a waste of space.

Tom said...

It’s bad enough that the poor Bobbies have to stand outside, albeit, some of the smarter London residences for this shower, but having to squat in a caravan for horse face must be purgatory.

dizzy said...

Anonymouse, not that I wish to get all peotrolhead on you, but there is no such thing as a 2 litre Range Rover. The base petrol model is a 4.4 litre V8, whilst the diesel is a 6 cylinder 3 litre.