Tuesday, August 29, 2006

Ask a silly question.....?

There is nothing like a silly question on a form to get me both apopletic with rage and chuckling with hilarity at the same time. For example, the Visa Waiver programme in the US requires everyone to fill out a landing card.

The card has some yes/no tick box questions on it such as, and I admit I paraphrase from memory, "Are you a Nazi war criminal?" and "Do you plan to commit terrorist acts against teh President or the United States of America?". I've always wondered if anyone has actually ticked "yes".

This said I discovered an equally silly question yesterday on a Public and Commercial Services Union application form (no i am not applying for a job with them). There was a box where the applicant had to detail their "Commitment to the application of Equal Opportunities policies and practices at work".

Seriously, what's the point asking that question when the person is applying for the job? They're hardly likely to say "I'm a member of the White Power movement and refuse to sit next to foreigners, in fact if I have too I'll spit on them" are they?

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Anonymous said...

The one that always annoys me is when they ask for your date of birth and then the next question they ask you for your age. I often feel like (though never actually do) writing "are you completely innumerate or something - work it out I've just given you my DOB!!!!"