Friday, July 14, 2006

Terrorist supporting MP will stand against Brown

As mentioned last night, the MP who thinks people that blow up the public should be honoured, John McDonnell, is going to stand against Gordon Brown when Blair steps down. He claims he wants to win back the broad church of supporters that Blair and Brown have lost, and he wants to ensure there is no coronation of a new leader.


Croydonian said...

Why is the Left so delusional? This is just about up there with the Revolutionary Communist Party posters that used to be spattered across London advertising their conferences with the priceless end line 'Preparing for Power 1985 ( or whenever )'.

Anyway, let us hope we can sit back and enjoy some fireworks

Ross said...

McDonnell is vermin. Like that other IRA apologist in the PLP, Clare Short, his support for the IRA is based on ethnic solidarity and bigotry.