Sunday, July 30, 2006

Privatised Government Chemist aids spammers

Privatisated in 1996, the Laboratory of the Government Chemist has been aiding spammers by relaying mail from it's badly configured mail servers for a number of months now. That os to say they've been relaying spam to me and I'm bloody sick of it.

Basically spammers have exploited a flaw in LGC's configuration whereby they send a mail to a non-existant email address but put the spam's target address (mine) in the RETURN-PATH header. The result is that the target receives a spam email which appears to be a bounce from a mail server. Thus giving the impression it orignated from the target.

Sadly, LGC are incompetent and no matter how many times I tell them about this they do nothing. Time to get their mail server blacklisted, if they stop getting mail it might jolt them into action. No more Mr Nice Sysadmin.

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