Saturday, July 01, 2006

A principled Liberal Democrat?

I've just spotted an interesting story linked by Tim Roll-Pickering. It's from Quaequam's blog on Liberati, and appears to be by a Lib Dem who's disgusted by his own party's campaigning tactics, so much so that he stayed home rather than help out.

"I draw the line at dishonesty, I dislike ambulance chasing and I detest scaremongering. The photos of Ben Abbotts “cleaning up” graffiti that is then left is a disgrace. It is similarly a disgrace to go around taking photographs of every single piece of litter on every single street in the constituency in order to present a misleading picture of a constituency drowning in grot, as is now a standard by-election tactic."

It's good to see at least some of the Lib Dems have issues with what they do. The comments in the post make for amusing reading. There's almost a brick by brick analysis of the graffiti pictures.


Chris Palmer said...

Lib Dems with principles? Of course, they have one principle (possibly two depending on how you look at it):

To increase the number of MPs they have, and to stop the Conservatives gaining power at all costs.

Ellee Seymour said...

Yes, this kind of campaigning is a big turn off for the electorate, they only want to know about policies. But it seems the Lib Dem dirty tricks was effective.

Manchester University Labour Club said...

That photo op is precisely why labour and the tories hate the lib dems more than they hate each other.

Anonymous said...

Pot and kettle... How about Tories accusing Mark Hunter to be a "rapist" in the Cheadle by-election? Doesn't that count, or how can you accuse Lib Dems of not having principles, when your own party does even worse things?

Paul Evans said...

Yes.. if you read James Graham's blog he rightly condemns dodgy tactics by us (I'm a Lib Dem) but points out that the Conservatives are in absolutely no position at all to throw mud, especially after Cheadle, where the Tories were truly filthy.