Thursday, July 20, 2006

Exclusive: Eltham candidate shortlist

I've just heard that the shortlist for the Open Primary to be held in the Eltham constituency in south-east London will be, in alphabetical order, Jackie Doyle-Price, David Gold and Eric Ollerenshaw.

The three are going to be interviewed at the Open Primary by Michael Portillo next week. Apparently, the sitting Labour MP, Clive Efford is yet to register.

Update: Rebecca Harris is apparently the "reserve" candidate should one of the above three get selected for another seat before the July 31st Primary..


Anonymous said...

David Gold was in the final at Broxtowe and apparently did very well, but for the fact that Anna Soubry (fellow A Lister who was selected) was very much the local. In Eltham David is local, so fingers crossed he is successful this time.

Anonymous said...

Last Boy Scout - sorry to point it out, there are only three in the final, Gold is the only A Lister unless one of the others drops out.