Sunday, July 16, 2006

Cherie Blair in another sleaze scandal

According to emails leaked to the Mail on Sunday, Cherie Blair has, yet again, got herself involved in as sleaze scandal where she helps a friend of a friend out. This time it seems she arranged for the directors of private medical firm, Nexus healthcare group, to gain exclusive access to Downing Street's health policy supremo, Paul Corrigan. It seems that one of the heads of Nexus just happens to be the boyfriend of Cheri's close confidante and fixer, Martha Greene.

Will this woman ever learn? It looks very much like she's banged to rights, or perhaps the person that wrote the email will simply find themsleeves smeared in the press? Alternatively she may just try and go for the "I am a working mum *sniff*, I'm not wonder woman you know *wipe tear, sniff*" again, then we'll "draw a line under it, and move on".

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Croydonian said...

I suppose we can be thankful that she *alway* photographs so badly, because that certainly adds to the gaiety of the nation.