Friday, June 30, 2006

YouGov: Cameron more popular than Blair

It's been a long time coming but today's YouGov poll for the Telegraph shows that Cameron has overtaken Blair in the "Who would make the best Prime Minister" stakes. The party has also managed to get itself level pegging on the question of good economic management.


Ellee Seymour said...

Now we have to maintain that position. You know what they say, when you are at the top, there is only one other way you can go - down!

Chris Palmer said...

I don't trust polls myself. They are often a means to sway public opinion rather than convey it.

It is often very easy to say you will do something in a meaningless opinion poll - but when it comes to the crunch and having to put a cross in a box which very actually means something - I expect things to change.

Had the Conservatives been campaigning on issues of crime and disorder (naturally a strong position for us) then I think we would be further ahead in these mythical polls and reality - especially with the recent Home Office and Labour incompetence on such issues.