Friday, June 16, 2006

Livingstone says Brown should have "snap election"

Ken Livingstone has said that Gordon Brown "should hold a snap election" if he becomes Prime Minister. Red Ken said that without an election Brown would be accused of not having a mandate.

From what I've heard, the default assumption from CCHQ for the past six months is that Brown will do this anyway. That's why target seat Associations are so busy selecting A-Listers right now, just in case the snap election comes in October.


Anonymous said...

Not having a mandate to the current Labour governemnt who were elected by 22% of the electorate? Or having to pass key legislation using scottish MPs to vote on English only issues?

Croydonian said...

How much, if any, noise did Labour make after the coronation of John Major? I imagine it was quite a lot, but I tend against the new leader => need for an election concept.

Meanwhile, should KL's thoughts be judged as helpful or not for Broon?

Man in a Shed said...

You can't take what Ken says at face value. Perhaps he thinks Labour will lose under Gordon Brown and swing left in opposition with NuLabour discredited.