Monday, June 12, 2006

Labour blames the public for NHS overspend

According to Andy Burnham at the Department of Health, it is possible to make £700m-plus in savings without impacting patient care. Can you imagine what Labour would say if the Conservative Party said something like that?

The press release says that, for example, "a reduction in avoidable emergency admissions for conditions such as asthma, heart problems and angina could save the NHS over £120m a year".

Of course, it's so obvious now! It's our fault the NHS is over-spending. All of us inconsiderate sods who have known heart condition and think they're having a heart attack are to blame! Not to mention those parents who think their child going blue might justify a visit to A&E.

Yesterday it was crime and anti-social behaviour that was our fault. Today it's the NHS overspend. Wonder what it will be tomorrow? The Iraq War?


Anonymous said...

I was turfed out of a hospital bed in March after being told that I had probably been taking hard drugs or drinking to excess, and that could be why I was ill. I had been woken at 5.30 am to be interrogated by the NHS blame police.

The doctor and nurses said not a word, and looked away in embarrassment. I walked out still undiagnosed and with a raging temperature. It was made quite clear I was not wanted. It then took three months to find a correct diagnosis outside the NHS.

Anonymous said...

We're all working too hard, getting too stressed, and getting ill. See ! I said we needed more public holidays. How about Gordon Brown Day ?