Tuesday, June 13, 2006

300 people a day? Are they serious?

According to UKIP they plan to have "300 people a day" helping Nigel Farage's campaign in Bromley and Chislehurst between now and the 29th June, and they have £50,000 to spend on the fun. They've also got a councillor from Hartlepool to run the campaign (I wonder how that accent goes down on the doorstep in Bromley?).

Seriously though, 300 people a day? Do they really have that many activists willing to travel to Bromley?

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Ellee Seymour said...

Hi Dizzy,

UKIP had amazing support for the Euro Election 2004, I researched and wrote an academic paper on the subject. They certainly won't get Joan Collins knocking on doors this time, or Kilroy-Silk. I think his army of volunteers will be somewhat fewer in numbers and appeal in Bromley.