Wednesday, May 10, 2006

YouGov gives Tories 6 point lead

We tend to get a lot fo polls commissioned at the beginning of the month and most of them held out this month until after the elections. Today we have YouGov's poll (after Populus yestedray). YouGov's methodology (as far as I can tell) is more respected by the psephologist, and they tend to be more accurate historically (feel free to correct me on that if I'm wrong).

YouGov's poll today gives the Tory Party a 6 point lead over Labour. It also shows that Blair's approval ratings are lower than they;ve ever been and according to the Telegraph he's actually the most unpopular Labour Prime Minister ever now.... which is nice.


Serf said...

They can't even do unpolpularity as well as we can though. Both Major & Thatcher managed to beat that :)

dizzy said...

hah.. that reminds me of something I said to an american freind once. We were talking about US military failure and he said "Market Garden", my response was "even in failure we're better than you!"