Friday, May 05, 2006

Telling Tales

In amongst running a Campaign Centre yesterday I was doing a little bit of telling here and there. If you're lucky you get to talk to a nice Labour or Lib Dem person, if you're unlucky you get a complete tit. The complete tits are usually the young'uns who became political consciousness in 1997 and know only how to shout "the tories blah blah blah" and lack independent thought. Thanfully I didn't get one of them (I did follow him round whilst he leafleted though just to wind him up but that's another story(, insstead I got one of the Labour candidate.

She was nice enough (nice enough that I'm not going to name her and embarras her on her first day as a councillor), we had a healthy discussion about politics, Blair, the influence of Thatcher all that kind fo thing. I explained to her my view that Thatcher wasn't a conservative but was a radical and she seemed geuinely interested by it. The conversation then took a stranger turn as she openly said to me that she loved "One Nation Toryism". Well needless to say I was taken aback. This candidate had been int he Labour Party for 20 years, as the conversation continued she kept saying "I agree, this is worrying me". Does that mean that she is "true blue red"?

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