Thursday, May 18, 2006

"Big Brother" post

Sorry people, I'm one of the "sad people"... First person in was Bonnie, northern tart basically. Second guy in was crazy nutter called Pete, the line is he has Tourette's Syndrome... I think it's bollocks but it will become clear over 13 weeks. If it's not real it'll show by tomorrow. More to follow as they arrive.

21:25 - George, the public schoolboy. They made a point of saying his biggest fears are tranvestites and "hyper-gay men". So I guess that tells us what is coming next then.
21:30 - Here we go. Shabaz, a hyper-gay asian musilm with a scottish accent. GO DIVERSITY!
21:38 - 30something female plastic surgery obsessive called Leia. Boring.
21:40 - Imogen, a Welsh ex-beauty queen. Wonder if she's from Swansea?
21:43 - Mikey, a scouser who likes making anti-feminist comments and general political correct stuff. I bet it's a show. The big question for me is whether's he red shite or not. If he's a blue then he can do no wrong for me.
21:45 - An "Exercise Scientist" (wtf?) called Dawn. She's an old misanthropic social misfit who hates other people. Too much Satre clearly. I expect she'll be out quick.
21:50 - Glyn, an 18 year old lifeuard. All you need to know is that he's a twat. Oh yes, he's welsh too.
21:55 - Canadian gay guy called Richard who epitomises every gay steretype in the world. Apparently he's willing to engage in necrophilia.... which is nice.
22:00 - A dancer called Grace. Little rich girl basically, "my mum bought me a £340K flat in Notting Hill"... George has someone to talk to now.
22:05 - Lisa, chinese northern lass, but for some reason when I look at her all I can think about is "Ting Tong from Tooting!"
22:07 - Sezer, early 20s, a very very rich stock broker who clearly doesn't need the money but can afford to take the time off. A wanker basically.
22:10 - Nikki, a model tart who's primary dream is to be a footballers wife. I want to slap her.

That's the lot (for now). First impressions.... it's going to be rubbish, but I always say that and it won't stop me watching.

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