Wednesday, April 19, 2006

Who cares about Peugeot?

Today you'd have to be deaf, blind or both to not be aware that Peugeot (the French car maker) is planning to close its Coventry plant resuklting in 2,300 job losses. This was headline grabbing stuff last night and this morning. Generally the tone is "what an outrage to axe so many workers!"

Here's the thing though, back in February Cable & Wireless announced it was cutting 3000+ jobs in the UK. Was there a national outcry? Were there headlines on the evening news? No. There was nothing (no dinosaur Union screaming like children of course).

Now, being a tory, I realise that sometimes you need to lay people off. It's the nature of the market, and being in IT as I am I understand the risks as well as the next man. However, what is it about the car industry that makes them so fucking deserving of front page headlines? They are not a public industry like the NHS, and they don't make decent cars anyway. The truth is, Peugeot going is no great loss.

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