Wednesday, April 26, 2006

What happened to "responsibility"?

What exactly is the issue that members of this government have with personal responsibility? If you're the Secretary of State for Protecting Paperclips and your department loses paperclips left, right and centre, then you failed in your job didn't you? In the private sector you'd be fired. In New Labour your default reaction is to say "I take full resposnibilty for this, and I'm sure everyone is quite shocked at the complete mess. I think we need to draw a line under it and move on". If you're the Secretary of State for Staying in the Black, and you go into the red, you put your hands up. You don't say "I think we're doing really well actually".

Did someone spike me with a massive dose of acid at some time in the last eight years or something?

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Anonymous said...

Acid wouldn't have worked; it wears off reasonably quickly. The new thing the kids are taking at the clubs nowadays is called Apathy. That sucker can keep you compliant for years. What a trip !