Friday, April 21, 2006

I hate agreeing with Tebbit

Actually screw that, he agreed with me. I was thinking it before he wrote his letter to the Telegraph and to be honest, so were a lot of other people. Basically we have to stop calling the BNP the "far right". These guys may stand on a platform of patriotism (or a twisted idea of it around "white power") but if you look at their policies they are socialists through and through. They want "equality of income", they want "worker co-operatives", they want to renationalise the railways and nationalise the lifeboat service.

For to long now there has been this belief that "racism" is a preserve of the Right. There is this idea that the Left, by virtue of it's collectivist ideology around class cannot and is not racist. It's bollocks. In fact, the argument exemplifies the pseudo-scientific problem of materialism that Karl Popper seeked to discredit. Racism is not bound to the political spectrum. It is an oppressive, destructive and repulsive beast all on its own.

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