Thursday, April 27, 2006

DWP press release

You know how it is, you get into work far to early so you do a bit of browsing for possible blog entires. For some strange reason I found myself at the Department of Work and Pensions website reading though their press releases (yes, I really was that fucking bored!). Anyway, one from two days ago caught my eye. It was announcing that the Chairman of Bovis Lend Lease (BLL) John Spanswick (pictured) was being appointed to the Health and Saftey Commission by John Hutton.

This is the same BLL group that won the contract to build the new Scottish Parliament at Holyrood (allegedly won under dubious circumstances). That's the same Scottish Parliament whose roof was so unsafe it started collapsing and a buildings inspection highlighted a further 900 faults.

So - in summary - the man in charge of the company that built the structurally unsafe Scottish Parliament has been given a job on the Health and Safety Commission to improve "safety in the British workplace". Good init?

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