Wednesday, April 26, 2006

Charles Clarke's statement

Clarke has just made his statement on the foreign priosners freed and not deported. Blair left the house as soon as he stood up by the looks of things on the BBC, so I guess that's him snubbed good and proper (left out pissing in the wind as they say). Amazingly Clarke has tried to spin the story positively by saying that whilst 1000 prisoners were freed, 3000 were deported during the same time and he wants to improve on that performance. Yes.. he really did say that.

Update: David Davis has said Clarke's postion is untenable. Clarke says he's going to take responsibility by not resigning. The fact Blair left him on his own in House makes me think he has until the end of the week.... elections coming remember. I reckon he'll be back in 3 months thought. He'll get the DWP and replace Hutton. I say this because I don't put anything past Blair.

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