Friday, April 21, 2006

Canvass story for the day!

You hear all sorts on the doorsteps but rarely do you hear theories that are crazy and use elegant logic* like I did the other night. It went approximately like this:

Me: Good evening sir, sorry to bother you, I'm from the local Tory party and as you probably know there are local elections this May. Can we count on your support?
Voter: Well I'm not sure.. maybe

A conversation ensures about the Tory party in general and then it takes a turn for the strange.

Voter: You see the thing that bothers me right now is the hosepipe ban.
Me: Ok.
Voter: You see, we live on island surrounded by water.
Me: Ok, but desalinating water does actually cost a fortune.
Voter: Yes, but it wouldn't be happening if it wasn't for the immigrants.
Me: Huh?
Voter: They come over here in their 1000's (illegal or otherwise) and they all have to flush the toilet don't they? (raised eyebrow). That is why I will be voting UKIP.

I made my excuses and left. They're not loonies, though... honest guv.

* I do a bit of computer programming. Elegant does not mean good. It means efficient and clean. I do not agree with what he said, in fact I think it is absurd. From a programming perspective though, I can't help but admire the elegance of his logic.


Gavin Ayling said...

Further elegance, but equal wrongness, could be added from my experience of some other cultures -- they tend to wash more often!

Anonymous said...

Would said voter have been happier if the immigrants didn't flush ? Maybe you could have suggested issuing them all with buckets so that the flushing interval could be reduced to once per family per day.

He has a point though, and not just about water. There's so much pollution in the cities and yet these foreign people breathe our air. We could run out and have to import it from, erm, other foreign countries. Obviously not from Croatia and the likes; that would never do.

-- sarcasm
++ he's a whackjob