Friday, February 10, 2006

Lib Dems turn over Labour

It seems I have truly taken leave of my sense and am going to endeavour to ramble on here as often as possible. In the news this morning the shock story is that the Lib Dems managed to win Dunferlime and West Fife and overturn an 11,000+ Labour majority. Personally - as a Tory - I have to say I laughed rather hard when I heard the news. There are of course some out there that think that because the Tory share of the vote went down by 2.4% it bodes badly for Cameron. That is of course - quite frankly - complete and total bollocks. We were never going to win the seat and were in fourth place already behind the SNP. The very idea that we were going to increase our vote there was risible. The seat's been a Labour seat since the dawn of time and it was never going to shift that radically.

The Lib Dems however played a good game and were always the main challenger anyway. That game involved promising to represent issues in Westminster that Westminster has no control over because of devolution. Personally I think that the success of such a campaign just goes to show how ignorant people are about the allocation of power since Scottish devolution.

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