Friday, March 11, 2011

Scaremongering of the Day

There's a brilliant bit of scaremongering this morning over on Liberal Conspiracy.
Up to 40% of patients could be completely removed from their doctor’s surgery lists without their knowledge due to “cost saving initiatives” being planned by NHS managers.

Anyone who has not visited their surgery in the last six months and who does not respond to the two letters asking them to confirm their details will be automatically struck off GP lists.....

Doctors in Brent have expressed their concern that the new plans could also put lives at risk.
Now, back in the world of "reality" even if you were "struck off" the GP list that does not mean you cannot get an appointment to see a doctor. After all, if that was the case why are the streets not littered with the corpses of illegal immigrants not able to get to a GP?

The truth is, anyone who is really vulnerable or at risk health wise probably isn't going to not be seeing a doctor for over six months anyway. Where someone does need to see a doctor, whether they;re registered or not, they'll still be able too.

Move along, nothing to see here.

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