Monday, January 17, 2011

The morons are back, this time with #savethenhs

Back in August 2009, I posted a piece which noted the moronic #welovethenhs Twitter campaign that was fueled by nothing more than rampant tribalism and idiotic "sacred cow" attitudes to the NHS. This morning, the morons are back, this time with #savethenhs.

What is it all about? Well that's quite simple. A Tory has made proposals to reform the NHS which involve using private sector providers to deliver public services in some instances - yes I know that exists already and was introduced under Labour, but this is a Tory doing it so it is different OK?

Some may also remember that just a few months ago I asked a genuine questions for lefties about what was more important to them. That NHS services be free at the point of use universally for everyone, or the structure that delivers the service.

At the time, most of them said the former, not the latter was more important. However, the reaction that is brewing to the continued implementation and extension of Labour policies by the Coalition is, naturally, based more on the latter.

Yes children, that's right! We are now through the wonderful looking glass where the Opposition denounce policies based entirely on their own policies of the last decade because it's Tories implementing them.

Is it anyone wonder so many people think politics is a load of bollocks when thes sort of intellectually vacuous and fluid position changes are so prevalent any sane person can see them?

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