Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Isn't it all so obvious?

Just a short and rather quick post to start the day off about flu and advertising campaigns. You see, having listened to Yesterday in Parliament this morning, I was amused to hear that Andrew Lansley had to make an urgent statement to the Commons about flu and the advertising campaign that reminds us all about common sense.

For those unaware, the Opposition have been getting themselves in a right little hissy fit about the supposed cancellation of an advertising campaign about how to stop the sptread of flu, and then in even more of a hissy fit about the "reinstatement" of the advertising campaign because it is "too late" now that people are dying of flu.

You see, and this should be painfully obvious to everyone. had there been an advertising campaign in November by the Government that engaged in the infantalisation of the population by reminding us that sneezing on to other people spreads germs then no one would have died from flu at all, and we'd all be happy as Larry!

Here endeth the sarcastic lesson of the day.

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