Sunday, December 19, 2010

Olympics 2012 advertising - how will it work?

OK, I changed my mind on the previous post about not blogging this weekend. Can't sleep you see, have a temperature, think I might have flu coming on (joy!). Anyways, thought I would post about something that was in the news a few weeks ago and caused some expected outrage about the Olympics in 2012.

THe story was that part of the deal of hosting the Olmypics means that French is the first language, and that Parliament has drawn up legislation to criminalise what is called "ambush marketing".

This is where there are powers to seize, or refuse entry to someone who might be wearing clothes that advertise a brand that is not an official sponsor of the games. Likewise, there are requirements to seize control of all advertising outlets in train stations, airports and on the roads, to ensure London is only shown adverts for the games sponsors.

What I'm confused about is how they're going to Police this exactly. It's already been mentioned that replica football shirts have sponsors on them, are they really going to arrest someone wearing a football shirt who has to venture into an area near where the games are being held?

More so is this though. This idea of ambush marketing, how, pray tell, will it work for businesses that have distribution services that are branded but are not sponsoring the games? Take for example Tesco, they have stores all around London, at least one within in spitting distance of the cycling velodrome. Will their lorries be considered to be breaching advertising rules?

What about the black cab owners who have signed multi-year deals about the advertising on their cars? What about Foxton's estate agents and their branded Mini's that shoot around the city to property viewings? What about KFC and Burger King lorries? They're a direct rival of McDonalds who are a sponsor, are they expected to deliver in "plain clothes lorries"?

Will certainly be interesting to see what is and what is not considered advertising when the time comes.

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