Thursday, December 23, 2010

EXCLUSIVE: Some people who work together don't like each other

It is with shock that I have to reveal a reality that you may not have been aware of. Politicians from different political parties slag each other off behind closed doors - even when those two different parties are in a coalition together.

I realise that this may be thoroughly shocking to you. You may have been thinking that there was general harmony and unity between the two parties of the Coalition. That the goldfish bowl had gone around full of car keys and different people had gone off to different rooms for full scale "coalition building".

Sadly this was not to be. You see, I know it's difficult to believe, but actually, whilst they may be working together, they don't all necessarily like each other. This is of course not like the real world of say business for example, where, as everyone knows, there is no slagging off of people privately to colleagues whilst smiling sweetly and not rocking the boat to their faces.

So anyway, there you have it. I hope this has not spoiled your day and the illusions of group sex group hugs.

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