Thursday, December 09, 2010

Christians repent and vote Yes to AV!

Not my words, but the words of Jonathan Bartley,the co-director of the Christian think-tank Ekklesia, who also, entirely coincidentally, and totally randomly managed to accost David Cameron in the street during the election campaign on the matter of disability education at just the moment live broadcasters were available.

Apparently, Christian must vote for the Alternative Vote in the referendum to atone for their sins and, check this, if they don't, churches will burn.
One hundred years ago, the suffragettes set fire to churches. The churches cannot afford to be burnt once again.
Ahh but Dizzy I hear you cry, you've removed the quotes from the word "burnt", to which I admit yes, I did, but only because he added them after His Grace pointed out this ridiculous hyperbole from Bartley (who is anything but a politically neutral animal), as the Google Cache shows (screenshot avilable on request naturally should it be required).

Such deception, and from a Christian too! For shame! Boo! Hiss! Now please excuse me, I have to get finishing my copy of the Necronomicon muwaaahhhhhhah!

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