Tuesday, December 14, 2010

ASH: Pro-smoking lobby are 'terrorists'

Recently, in Holland, there was a change to their smoking ban. Holland was, until a month ago much like the UK in that smoking was banned in public places. However, they decided, perfectly reasonably, to amend the law much like the Spanish did and make the rules be based on the size of the bar (743.5 sq ft), and in Holland's case where it was staff solely by the owner.

This morning they were discussing this on Today on Radio 4, and as you'd expect they had someone from the anti-smoking authoritarians Action on Smoking and Health (ASH) - who is also involved in the commercial operation GASP - to tell us all how it was the "thin end of the wedge" and the influence of tobacco companies.

All pretty standard stuff, as I'd expect, but then came something that made the jaw drop. She said that those who campaign for the freedom to smoke and the amendment of blanket bans are engaged in a "terror campaign". Honestly, she really did say that.

I'm not sure when Simon Clark and FOREST were put on the proscribed terrorist list, but I'm sure they'll be very proud to know that their campaigns are being equated with the IRA and crazy Islamists on national radio.

Note: Will add audio when it becomes available. Also, have edited post slightly as was not 100% sure if the woman was from ASH or GASP, but have been reliably informed she was from both.

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